Jerry Walker


Professor  J. Walker  is the director of a technologies company that specializes in consultation on High Voltage insulation testing as well as the supply of test equipment  for High Voltage applications.  He is a Doctor of Technology graduate from the Vaal University of Technology, completed in 2005 with a thesis titled “Diagnostic  Evaluation of Water Tree Aged XLPE-Insulated Cables”.

He started with a Higher National Diploma in Electrical Engineering acquired at Vaal Triangle Technikon where he later worked as a lecturer in the Department of Power Engineering after completing his Bachelor of Technology Degree. In 2005 Professor Walker was appointed as Associate Professor at Vaal University, and subsequently the head of the Institute for High Voltage Studies, a position he held until his retirement the following year.

He has over the years of acquiring field and academic experience; he also published a number of articles and journals on electrical power systems, and has presented a number of papers at local and international conferences.