The Route to Partner : A Programme for New Managers and Associates in Professional Services Firms




Becoming a new Manager or Associate means adopting new ways of working, new ways of thinking and new ways of behaving. New managers are expected to exemplify behaviours that clients respect and peers admire. Unfortunately, new managers promoted for demonstrating technical expertise and leadership potential often do not yet possess the key skills and behaviours required to be an effective leader of people or a credible ambassador for the firm.

Recent research shows that the key factors in successful transition for new managers are responsibility and accountability for key decisions, formal training and on-going support for personal development.

This two-day programme will increase the likelihood of a successful transition to a more senior managerial position within the firm. Participants will develop the core skills and behaviours required to make the transition to management, improving their ability to lead, influence and engage with their fellow employees and also with their clients at all levels.

The ‘Route to Partner’ programme is in two parts. The first part will give participants the core tools and strategies, as well as develop the required skills and behaviours, to ‘Lead as a Manager’ within their own firms. The core managerial functions that will be covered by the programme include delegation, managing performance, giving and receiving feedback and coaching.

In the second part of the programme – Expanding client opportunities – participants will have the opportunity to learn, practise and refine the key business development behaviours required to act as a credible ‘ambassador for the firm’ and to create new client opportunities for the firm.

Based on the core business development process found in professional services and a deeper understanding of the mind of the professional services buyer, participants will learn and practise how to undertake critical client conversations, form and deliver a unique point of view and how to structure and articulate a compelling value proposition to prospective clients.

Learning Outcomes 

  • The mindset to be an ambassador of the business in its entirety and not just a single subject expert, gaining a broader professional perspective
  • An understanding of the different types of leadership behaviour, a recognition of your current management style and how to adopt ‘flexible leadership’ according to the situation
  • The ability to manage performance, to give and receive feedback and to coach and mentor a team of former peers and colleagues
  • An ability to adapt leadership based on your team’s strengths and weaknesses and the agility to change roles where necessary
  • An understanding of the core behaviours required to build loyalty and trust among colleagues and clients
  • An understanding of the key behaviours required to develop your generate executive presence, demonstrate credibility and create personal impact
  • An understanding of delegation and the different styles and approaches that could be used in specific circumstances
  • An ability to recognise and then develop client opportunities based on an understanding of the key skills and behaviours required to succeed in business development
  • An ability to undertake critical conversations and have effective interactions both within the firm and with clients
  • The capability to understand the client’s context, to develop paradox questions and then the conviction to deliver insightful and original points of view
  • An ability to articulate and deliver a compelling value proposition


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