The Board Directors Programme




This three day programme draws on the Kakabadse team Global Studies of Top Teams and Boards.  The programme captures the skills and capabilities required of high performing directors and the challenges boards and directors will face, now and into the future.  Africa is one of the sites from which data has been gathered.

The central theme of this programme is that high performing boards and their directors balance stewardship with compliance.  Our research shows that most Boards are over attentive to the governance demands of compliance at the expense of stewardship.  As a result, the Kakabadse studies emphasise that many Boards are not valued due to ‘the fact they are out of touch and unresponsive to the needs of stakeholders, shareholders and the management of the enterprise’.

This programme will enable the participants to balance the requirements for compliance with the demands of stewardship.  How Board directors become familiar with the context of the enterprise and add value through their penetrating insight of the organisation, is core to this programme.

Three critical issues are addressed:

  • The dynamics of Leading Through Strategic Change
  • The handling of tensions in the boardroom
  • Enabling mental and physical well-being through minimising the negative impact of Burnout


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