Project Finance Modelling Master Class




The purpose of this Master Class is for participants to learn how to build a project finance model over 3 intensive days using best practice principles.

This will include developing working sheets and financial statements to demonstrate the viability or otherwise of a specimen project.

Participants will learn how to handle common modelling issues and build a model which is flexible and comprehensive.

Key Points

Many project models can be difficult to use and amend and this Master Class offers the opportunity to build a comprehensive project financial model using tried and tested methods.  The Master Class commences with a discussion of objectives and common mistakes and then develops the case model in stages.  On completion, participants will have developed a complete project model which will act as electronic notes and a basis for future projects.


The Master Class is taught using initial demonstrations combined with a practical and interactive case study.  Starting with an initial template, each session builds up the case model to enable attendees to gain real practical experience.

Comprehensive product notes and modelling software are provided for future reference.