Loan Documentation Course




The three-day intensive Loan Documentation Course will teach you the most essential skills to effectively negotiate, draft and document, syndicated loans and major loan agreements. The course focuses on corporate loan documentation drawn up under common law systems – in particular English law and New York law – which dominate the international syndicated loan market.

This is a hands-on, step by step, practical course. Emphasis is placed on understanding what provisions are essential, how to spot risks and avoid traps and thereby provide high quality loan documents.

Key Course Outcomes 

By attending this course, you will, among other topics, become familiar with:

  • Circumstances where the operation of law prevents the enforcement of agreements
  • Cross-border enforcement issues in international transactions
  • The structure and componentry of standard form syndicated loan agreements
  • The interface of the commercial negotiations and the drafting of terms
  • Liability for negligence of third parties (e.g. valuers, consultants, legal opinions) and the syndicate agent
  • The vulnerability of guarantees
  • The enforceability of letters of comfort and support
  • The special circumstances of documenting loans to SPVs (Special Purpose Vehicle)
  • The impact of insolvency


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