Leadership Program for Maintenance Supervisors




This comprehensive 5-day program has been designed for new or experienced supervisors, team leaders & managers to give them the concrete skills and knowledge needed to be successful on the job. Focus on the necessary management and people skills required to foster maximum productivity, high quality and good morale.

Ideal candidates supervise maintenance workers or manage maintenance through lower-level supervisors. Working team leaders would also benefit from this program. Also recommended for people being considered for advancement.

Our promise for this program is that your leadership will be more effective and have a better quality of life. This effectiveness would gradually translate to lower turnover and increased productivity.

Learning Outcomes

These carefully chosen topics (and more!) will increase the effectiveness of your managers and supervisors:

  • How to delegate effectively in a maintenance environment
  • Know what to do when morale suffers
  • Increase the reliability of your equipment and your workforce through thoughtfully-implemented training and monitoring systems
  • Increase your own productivity through time management techniques
  • Deal effectively with difficult people
  • Three rules of delegation to morale
  • Assess and work with the strengths and weaknesses of your workgroup
  • Setting up work schedules that add to the productive day, reduce confusion and get your users rooting for you
  • Supervising friends and older employees successfully and sensitively
  • Identify the great PM inspector within your crew
  • How to take seminars and retain more information
  • Specific techniques to make the right decisions in high-stress situations
  • Adapting PM to your environment


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