HR Business Partner Program




Business partnering is one of the most complex areas in HR and many organisations struggle to make it work effectively. This often provides HR with difficulty in developing the strategic role the discipline deserves and that our businesses require. Making business partnering work starts with understanding what it involves, and particularly what it looks like in practice, as well as its unique features in any one specific organisation.

At its heart, business partnering is fundamentally about understanding business needs and aligning HR activities and outcomes with these needs so that everything we do in HR is aligned with these business requirements. However, given the importance of people to business success, it is no longer enough to use people as a resource to implement business strategy. Instead of this, businesses actually need to create new people-based strategies.

The course therefore starts by painting a clear picture about what business partnering is designed to achieve and how it can succeed in doing this, pulling on thinking from Dave Ulrich and other commentators, and practical experience in different organisations. The training then moves onto strategic HR and especially the opportunities for creating new value for a business based upon what HR plans to charge with people and their organisation. The course then finishes with a deeper dive into the HR function, looking at how this needs to transform to enable the delivery of the above people based strategies in a way which is best fit for the particular business it acts within.

Learning Outcomes

  • Participants will gain a detailed understanding of the following topics:
  • The approach, the role and the job of the HR business partner and the benefits these can provide
  • Approaches to being more strategic and improving impact and contribution within an organisation
  • Prioritising strategic activities and techniques for deprioritising other demands for business partners’ time
  • The range of activities available to use in being more strategic
  • The use of a simple but strategic framework for use in planning, measuring and analysing HR activities
  • Developing HR to deliver strategic, business partnering benefits
  • Project and relationship management in the HR business partnering cycle
  • Building credibility and transforming the business partner role in your organisation


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