Finance for Non-Finance Executive Program




Having a firm understanding of balance sheets, income statements and cash-flow has moved from solely being in the domain of the CFO. All leaders, independent of area within the firm, greatly benefit from understanding these financial scorecards. Finance for Non-Finance Executives Program is structured to give you the knowledge, tools and applications to become a more astute leader who is able to balance the costs and benefits when evaluating financial decisions.

The program will emphasize both the importance of the big-picture along with the intricacies of financial decision making. The goal is to provide executives or managers with a firm grounding in finance-driven decision-making. Attendees will leave with the tools that will allow them to more fully evaluate growth potential, profitability, investment and financing decisions.

Benefits To You

  • Learn financial terminology, “the language of finance”, and general finance principles
  • Identify financial drivers of value that impact your business
  • Learn and apply financial concepts and tools such as:
  1. Value Creation
  2. Financial Statement Analysis
  3. Cash Flow
  4. Income Statements
  5. Balance Sheets
  6. Time Value of Money
  7. Internal Rate of Return
  8. Payback Period
  9. Stock and Bond Valuation


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