Electrical Power Systems Protection, Monitoring & Control Course




This 3-Day Course will focus on design of transmission and distribution protection schemes utilizing advanced and highly reliable technology. This will include fundamentals on protection, relay design and protection schemes for transmission lines, transformers and bus. Additionally the course will focus on settings of feeder and transformer protection schemes, and selection of current and voltage instrument transformers for those protection schemes.

Issues surrounding power quality and their effect on power systems will also be addressed. This will include measurement and modelling techniques to identify power quality problems and mitigating techniques.  Impact of electrical overstress on the design and operation of power systems and electronic equipment will be discussed and protection systems will be modeled to eliminate equipment malfunction and damage due to electrical overstress.

Why You Should Attend This Course

  • To significantly improve your site’s transmission and distribution reliability while avoiding endangering the lives of workers and the general public, as well as preserving company assets
  • Recognize different fault types in electrical power system networks
  • Perform more informed decisions on fault and design calculations
  • Understand protection system components and Perform simple relay settings
  • Choose appropriate protective devices for different equipment
  • Interpret the protection systems in your plant, detect any shortcomings and be able to explain any undesired or uncoordinated relay operation

CPD Points

All  delegates will EARN 3 CPD POINTS  for attending this Course. The Credits can be claimed from ECSA upon completion of the  Course.


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