Company Secretary Programme




This company secretary training programme is designed for both experienced and newly appointed or about to be appointed company secretaries who want to ensure that they are able to provide the best possible support to their board. For this you should know and understand the collective responsibilities of a board, as well as the individual responsibilities of directors.  The role of the company secretary continually evolves and it is crucial that the person with this responsibility is fully aware of the duties they must perform to protect their company, the board and themselves from both criminal and regulatory liability in an increasing litigious business environment.

This comprehensive three-day course examines the duties of a company secretary, providing you with a thorough understanding of the role and ensuring you are fully up-to-date and compliant with your legal responsibilities. It guides you through the role step by step, to ensure you understand your responsibilities in areas such as preparing for shareholder meetings, supporting the board, ensuring good governance, dealing with conflicts of interest and advising on internal controls.

It is a practical three days, focusing on real-life situations and is designed to build confidence so you are able to effectively support the chairperson and advise the board in all matters of governance and procedure.  We aim to help you become an invaluable part of the board with directors being confident in your advice.  Attending will help equip you with the essential knowledge to succeed in this challenging role.

Why You Should Attend

Attend this course and learn:

  • To establish yourself as part of the board team
  • Positioning the company secretary role as crucial to the proper functioning of the board and to be the go-to person on issues of governance and control procedures
  • Becoming confident in your understanding of what constitutes good governance
  • Being able to advise on effective internal controls and risk management systems
  • To develop excellence in supporting the board in areas such as minute taking, agendas, board papers, dealing with conflicts of interest and effective follow-up
  • Understand the advantages of certain board structures and board sub committees
  • Develop your understanding of company law and corporate structures
  • Become clear on how joint ventures and subsidiary company structures work in practice


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