Chief Operating Officer Program (COO)




The purpose of this course is to better prepare executives for the challenges of serving as the number two executive in an organization. Doing so requires that we spend time addressing several important considerations. The first series of considerations involve understanding the role of the number two.

The role defies a single definition because the demands placed on the COO vary as a function of the CEO’s knowledge, skills, abilities, preferences, and personality, as well as the life cycle stage and strategy of the company and competitive and other external factors.

The first purpose of this course is to help attendees appreciate the nuance associated with being a great second in command so that they are better prepared to offer the leadership team just what it needs.

The second purpose of the course is to both broaden and deepen the skills most critical to the COO position. For example, the COO is often the person with direct responsibility for leading change. The COO usually has considerable responsibility for executing the company’s strategy.

And, finally, the COO must be a capable leader of people and of teams. During this course, a series of exercises and activities will be used to help illustrate just how to sharpen these critical leadership competencies.


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