CFOs & Finance Directors Program




What is the role of a CFO or Finance Director? A lot of it is up to you to determine. This three day program has been designed for CFOs and Finance Director to explore the ever widening role and to examine some of the areas that are not part of the routine training for senior finance professionals, who frequently progress through a technical accounting or other financial discipline route.

The course will explore the position of the CFO / FD in the wider business or organizational context, providing frameworks to assess the financial components of strategy as well as exploring what that means for reporting as well as areas such as acquisitions and valuations which many CFOs or FDs only encounter rarely.

Success as a CFO / FD is rarely determined by technical ability. Mastery of the technical aspects of finance is taken as a given; what makes the difference is the ability to operate in areas where there is no right answer. This could be strategy or establishing good working relationships with board colleagues from other functions or dealing with conflicts between stakeholders.

For newly appointed or aspiring CFO / FD , this course will give a clear road map of the journey ahead, and an introduction to the full range of skills they will need to succeed. For the established CFO or FD, it will offer advanced techniques, interaction with peers and a range of ways in which they can expand their role to increase the value they bring to their organisation. The content of the course will be tailored to reflect the needs and experiences of the participants.


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