Maintenance Management Masterclass

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by Joel Levitt
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Course Overview

You will leave the New Comprehensive Maintenance Management Masterclass with a plan you will develop for the future. This is a unique time. The old guard is retiring, and the tech-savvy new guard needs some background in maintenance management to maximize their effectiveness.

This program is for:

Designed for all types of maintenance environments, including factories, buildings, and fleets. Maintenance Managers, Maintenance Supervisors, Maintenance Leads, CMMS Managers, Maintenance Planners, Maintenance Engineers, and people who are in training for these positions. There is also an advantage to having representatives from operations and stockroom for their perspective and input.

Learning Outcomes

Some of what you will learn:

  • Speed-up and improve training with Virtual Reality
  • How to talk to top management about caring for your assets.
  • Ways to cut the cost of your repairs by teaching five planning techniques to your tradespeople
  • In-sourcing and TPM: what is it, how and when to do it, and who to do it with
  • How to use the CMMS to help improve technicians
  • Maintenance budgeting and effective financial modeling
  • How to compute the optimum intervals for component replacements and other preventive/predictive maintenance efforts

This jam-packed course will introduce you to best practices from around the world. You will be able to answer:

  • How to use high technology to make an impact
  • Learn techniques to maximize benefits from your CMMS
  • How to eliminate defects and remove workload
  • How to put together a business case proposal using the same financial modeling as top management
  • When to outsource
  • How to set-up a pilot in IIoT sensors
  • What specific activities ensure uptime?
  • How to build a technology road map
  • Ways to reengineer maintenance that do not compromise the safety, environmental security, or uptime


Course Outline

All sections will include discussions, case studies, exercises and will include activity to help plan your future direction.

Day One

Managing assets at the corporate level

  • An investigation into what is reliability
  • Asset Management and ISO 55000
  • How to apply the Strategic Asset Plan
  • Consistent decision making
  • Reliability= (OEE)-losses, availability, stoppages, maintenance
  • 4 ½ dimensions of Maintenance
  • Time, life cycle management
  • What is the value provided by Reliability/maintenance?
  • Goal: Better business decisions

The engineering of failures

  • Failure, breakdowns and managing risk, Breakdowns
  • Calculating the consequences of a breakdown
  • How things fail

Culture is a function of leadership

  • Determining the culture
  • Integrity
  • Safety as a cultural conversation
  • Mission or Vision Overriding Mission or Vision, organization
  • AIM as a context for reliability
  • Understanding Patterns-3 case studies in patterns in maintenance.
  • Describe your situation- Exercise in determining your pattern by talking through the different elements of your current operation
  • World Class Precision maintenance

Maturity of your maintenance effort

  • Maturity of your effort
  • The Goal of Maintenance
  • Precision Maintenance
  • Maintenance Improvement

Tools of World Class Maintenance

  • RCA
  • Reliability Engineering
  • Reliability Centered Design
  • Defect Elimination and Lean Maintenance Case studies: Lean Maintenance has saved companies millions. Here are some examples
  • Exercise: Design a Lean project.
  • Learn to use a Lean waste identification system
  • Leave day one with a template for a defect elimination or Lean Maintenance Project


Day Two

Reliability Strategy Design

  • Criticality Analysis exercise
  • FMEA
  • RCM
  • PMO
  • PM, PdM defined
  • TLC (TPM) Exercise how and where to use TLC (Tighten, Lubricate, and Clean) to minimize breakdowns (75% of failures are from defects in these areas)?
  • Contents of the Visual Workplace
  • 5S

Asset Condition: Real-time condition data collection

  • Deep dive into the Predictive sciences
  • IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) sensors- Examples and use cases
  • PdM Checklist
  • PdM summary of technologies, PdM summary
    – Vibration
    – Infrared Examples and use cases
    – Ultrasonic
    – Lubrication and analysis
    – Visual examples and use cases
    – Drone inspections
    – Motor testing
    – NDT
    – Alignment and balancing
  • Case studies in Predictive Maintenance. Scans, reports from live users of different technologies

CMMS: Integrating new tech into traditional computerization

  • Asset Knowledge
  • 5 Keys to CMMS
  • Parts of CMMS
  • CMMS: Importance of configuration and hierarchy
  • How can I maximize my use of CMMS?

Work Execution Management

  • Workflow and where does Prescriptive Maintenance fit into a traditional maintenance model?
  • Job Control
  • Backlog
  • Prioritization
  • Work Request
  • Reduce workload with 15 questions
  • Work order, auditing, and training

Effective supervision

  • Active supervision
  • Quality in Maintenance Quality Improvement: an exercise in how to improve quality
  • Nature of mistakes and how to mitigate them
  • Encourage excellence
  • Craft training
  • Industrial Augmented Reality
  • Virtual Reality for training

Leave day 2 with an assessment of the readiness of the organization for a technology transformation


Day Three

Economics and support of Maintenance

  • Economic Modeling- Economic and business justification Exercise: How to analyze maintenance alternatives using economics modeling. Modeling is a powerful tool to evaluate options.
  • Budgeting
  • Justify Contracting
  • Parts, Supplies, Inventory, and Purchasing
  • How to evaluate your storeroom in an hour
  • Know your A, B and Cs and exercise
  • PurchasingPlanning and scheduling the workload
  • Planning and scheduling Planning a maintenance job
  • Safety- Job Safety Analysis: How to Perform a Job Safety Analysis
  • Managing shutdowns and outages Developing the Master Checklist for Planning your next Shutdown

Up to date, computerized approaches to reliability

  • Defined: What is Prescriptive Maintenance? Block diagram
  • Prescriptive maintenance is a small part of a bigger conversation
  • Big data and example
  • Asset halo and digital twin
  • Types of Analytics
  • Examples of analytics
  • Exercises in analytics
  • Exercises in Algorithms
  • AI, machine learning

Measuring Maintenance

  • Maintenance Ratios
  • Specialized Maintenance Issues
  • Day 3 Wrap-up: Develop a mini-timeline for transformation

Who Should Attend?

  • Designed for all types of maintenance environments, including factories, buildings, and fleets.
  • Maintenance Managers
  • Maintenance Supervisors
  • Maintenance Leads
  • CMMS Managers
  • Maintenance Planners
  • Maintenance Engineers
  • People who are in training for these positions. There is also an advantage to having representatives from operations and stockroom for their perspective and input.


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