General Counsel & Chief Legal Officer Course


Law School and private practice do not prepare you for managing or leading a legal function within a business. The very technical skills which get you promoted may well hinder the successful progression to a general leadership role, where people management and relationships are key, rather than tasks.

The competencies necessary for lawyers to create, sustain and lead a successful in-house legal department, including a real understanding of what the in-house role involves and the ability to operate at a multi-faceted level, require deliberate and active upskilling.

This 3 day course is designed specifically for in-house lawyers keen to meet the demands of business leaders who want their lawyers to deliver increasingly client-focused levels of service and continue their evolution as true partners in the business.

If you are looking to work more effectively and efficiently with others, build and maintain successful and professional relationships, and learn to adapt and use your skills confidently and effectively in a multidisciplinary environment, then this interactive and highly practical course will help you to discover with insight, knowledge, ideas and skills how to connect, communicate, collaborate and contribute for better personal performance, team effectiveness and organisational impact.

The program will highlight valuable skills essential for success in a business environment, and will provide a useful forum for networking and sharing experiences. Delegates will be able to contribute to numerous group discussions, as well as draw upon the extensive experiences of each other and the Trainer.

This Course is CPD Certified

All  delegates will EARN 18.9  CPD POINTS  for attending this Course.

Why You Should Attend

  • Refining and developing the role and strategy of the in-house legal function
  • Establishing yourself as a leader
  • Setting goals for yourself and your team
  • Motivating your team and working together collaboratively with other business functions
  • Utilising resources efficiently
  • Demonstrating the value of the in-house legal function
  • Positioning the legal team as a business facilitator
  • Developing and maintaining a risk management framework
  • Managing and leading the in-house legal team to high performance

Day One


Defining the purpose and role of the-house legal team

  • Why does in-house legal exist?
  • Business expectations
  • What services and performance are needed?
  • Defining a USP for the in-house legal department

Aligning legal services to business needs

  • The need and demands for legal services
  • Supporting business development and safeguarding the organisation
  • Risk appetite and corporate culture
  • Creating strategies for success

Resourcing in-house legal services

  • Alternate structures
  • Resourcing options
  • In-house competencies
  • Making the most of external providers

Team Building

  • Technical skills
  • Behaviours
  • Recruiting for success
  • Motivating and empowering others

Reaching full potential through Team Emotional Intelligence

  • Fundamentals
  • Trust, identity and efficacy
  • Social capital
  • External support

Day Two


Communication Skills

  • Communicating clearly and effectively
  • Choosing the right communication method
  • Active listening
  • Non-verbal communication

Business Writing Techniques

  • Engaging your readers
  • Motivating readers to act
  • Writing concise, useful summaries
  • Proven techniques

Promoting better legal awareness

  • Raising legal awareness in the business
  • Proactive initiatives to engage non-lawyers
  • Legal risk management
  • Proven techniques

Managing key relationships

  • Networking / relationship building within the business
  • Leadership styles
  • Building your own personal presence, credibility and gravitas
  • Gaining management support

Reputation building

  • Articulating value
  • Metrics and KPIs
  • Client satisfaction
  • “Selling” the legal service – messaging strategy

Day Three


Building influence in the business

  • The psychology of persuasion; 6 principles


  • How to speak up and get people to listen
  • Get your point of view across confidently, without upsetting others or yourself
  • Learn to say NO when you need to
  • Helpful techniques to adopt

Collaborative working

  • Recognising organisational dynamics
  • Understanding and adapting to workplace culture and practices
  • Across functions
  • Overcoming challenges

Constructive Conflict Management

  • Common sources of conflict
  • Options for managing conflict
  • How to have difficult conversations
  • Strategies for handling unreasonable and difficult colleagues

Building Resilience

  • Lawyer negativity and burnout
  • Rest, recovery and recharge
  • Know when to avoid, alter, adapt or accept
  • Coping techniques
  • General Counsel & Chief Legal Officers looking for a fresh perspective
  • Aspiring General Counsels, Chief Legal Officers, Heads of Legal & Legal Directors
  • Private practice solicitors considering a move in-house
  • Legal Affairs Managers
  • Legal Operations Professionals responsible for delivering legal services in-house
  • Legal Counsel & In-House Lawyers in Corporates, Government or Charities whether or not currently responsible for managing others


Kelli is a dual qualified lawyer (Australia and the UK), with 25+ years’ experience leading and managing legal and multi-disciplinary teams in a variety of environments.

Kelli has worked in both the public and private sectors – in private practice and in-house – including:

  • Law Firms (King & Wood Mallesons & Herbert Smith Freehills)
  • New Law service providers (Axiom and Halebury)
  • Investment Banking (Nomura International)
  • Financial Services (RBS Group/WorldPay & BNY Mellon)
  • Private Equity (Terra Firma Capital Partners & GI Partners)
  • A non-departmental public body (QCDA)
  • Professional Services (PwC and AlixPartners)
  • Technology Services (SQS Group and Shift Left)
  • Higher Education (The University of Law)
  • As an Executive Director in portfolio business operations in the healthcare and education sectors (Cambian Group)


Key practice areas are in finance, M&A, corporate, commercial, contract and risk management and advising on legal operations and departmental management.

Kelli is also a qualified Team Emotional Intelligence and Trait Emotional Intelligence Questionnaire assessor.

In 2014, Kelli established beyondBlackletter to equip in-house lawyers with the skills essential to succeed in a business environment. Kelli consults as an adviser and trainer to in-house legal departments and coaches in-house counsel.

She is based in the UK, but works globally.


Holiday Inn Hotel, Sandton – Johannesburg

Dates: 18th – 20th April 2018

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General Counsel & Chief Legal Officer Course

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